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C.D. and the Dream Pillow

A novel tale based on a true life incident, this children's book excites, challenges and charms its' readers of all ages. It invites interactive participation, supports self-expression and encourages artistic freedom.

It is one thing to read or be read to, looking at illustrations and envisioning a story through the hand of the illustrator. In this radically conceived story, the child reader is drawn into the creative process and offered the opportunity to:

1 - Illustrate each page of text on an adjoining blank page

2 - Decide the gender of the child protagonist

3 - Give that character a name (which can be changed from time to time)

Being able to significantly participate in the genesis of the finished book provides an unusual, guided hands-on experience in creative thinking and expression. Instead of being a passive observer of another's work, the youngest to the oldest is invited to shape the story and images of it with their own imprint.

What this may lead to...we can only imagine. In a world dominated by interactions with electronic devices, this book may help restore an old fashioned regard and respect for what we can do with our hands, besides pushing buttons.