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C.D. and the Dream Pillow

A unique interactive children's story/workbook about a dream. It is one thing to be read to, and to imagine the story through the pictures of a professional illustrator. It is an entirely different experience to BE the illustrator, page by page. Working on a totally blank page, each reader is invited to create a visual accompaniment to the text on the page above it...however the story prompts their own, individual mind. Any art medium may be used, (avoiding too much water content). Additionally the gender of the unnamed protagonist can be determined by the reader and their name can be chosen as well. The reader has input into several determining factors in the final storyline and the appearance of their book. The reader is co-creator with the author.

This is not a book for coloring in provided outlines. It requires no internet service, batteries or button pushing. This is a book to keep children connected to their own creativity. It is a no-tech preparatory experience in working with boundaries, with some proscribed limitation but with much freedom and, after a page or so, developing self-reliance, and ultimately, a final, long lasting creation to be proud of, as well as new skills which may be further developed with practice.